Our aim in building our private hospital was to provide professional patient care in the eastern part of the country. Our name is our bond, so it is a matter of prestige for us to provide a service in medicine that is unique and niche in the region.

The wide range of our orders ensures that patients receive the examinations and surgical interventions they absolutely need in one place after the diagnosis.

Access to our private hospital is easy, with plenty of parking available in the spacious courtyard of the building. The private hospital is part of a brownfield project, but we have tried to make the best use of the building's existing facilities. The corridors and waiting areas are spacious and comfortable, with LCD monitors to help patients find their way around. We have equipped the hospital with modern, state-of-the-art examination equipment for the 21st century, which can give the most accurate picture possible of the patient's condition. After a long and thorough preparatory work, we have developed our digitalised operating theatres, where our doctors perform hip replacement, laparoscopic hernia, ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, neurosurgery and even combined plastic surgery. In our in-patient department, we offer air-conditioned rooms, electrically adjustable beds and a range of amenities to help patients recover as quickly as possible.

With our courteous, empathetic staff - instead of assembly line work - we focus on your problem. We envision a hospital and a team where the common goal is a satisfied patient. The doctor-patient relationship is built on trust, which determines the success of the healing work. We are convinced that this trust is created first and foremost by the credibility and expertise of our doctors and nurses. 

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